Heather Parrish

💥 First Big News!!!! 💥… but more to come SOON! After an entire lifetime (41 years) of dreaming of the day when I would record my first album it’s NOW happening at Sneak Attack studios with N.P. Presley & The Ghost of Jesse Garon! I don’t know how to describe the elation I feel and how thankful I am. I love my band. I love all you guys. I’m ready for round two in the studio! BUT… While we are laying down these tracks we are ALSO preparing for some BIG SHOWS! First up is going to be at Best Friend Bar with New York’s own Rockabilly Masters Screamin’ Rebel Angels and Nashville’s sultry and smooth rock duo The Blue Velvets. (NP Presley w/ Screamin’ Rebel Angels (NYC), The Blue Velvets, Silverhounds)
After that we take a trip to Columbus Ohio and then back to the new Cosmic Charlies the next day to perform alongside the Wild Boys of The Goddamn Gallows for two nights!

The next Big News I’ll share as soon as an official announcement has been made!

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